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If you want to add volume to certain areas of your face, there’s a product called Juverderm, which might be right for you. I’m Dr. Joseph Franzese, and I have dedicated my medical journey to finding products and services that treat the whole patient. Among those products are three types of FDA-approved injectable dermal fillers, each performing specific functions.

  • JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA® XC adds volume for lift and contour to cheeks
  • JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA® XC and JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC add plumpness to lips
  • JUVÉDERM® VOLLURE® XC and JUVÉDERM® XC smooths the look of moderate to severe wrinkles around the mouth, including “parentheses lines.”

Which Juvederm product is right for me?

This is a question that comes up all the time. Let’s discuss what each product does and why you might want to consider them as your choice of derma filler.

Juvederm® Voluma XC.

If you’ve noticed a volume loss in your cheeks, this product can reverse flattening and sagging skin. The product gives extra lift to your cheeks by adding volume under the cheek area. The results can last up to two years when you can repeat the process.

Juvederm® Vollure XC | Juvederm® XC 

Facial wrinkles and folds are common as we age, and this Juvederm product helps target the areas around our nose and mouth. It is capable of targeting moderate and even severe folds and wrinkles. Once completed, you can expect up to 18 months of younger-looking skin.

Juvederm® Voluble XC | Juvederm® Ultra XC 

Voluble XC is a product formulated to correct “lipstick lines,” which helps enhance the look of your lips. A single session can last for an entire year.

How does Juvederm® work?

The active ingredient in Juvederm is hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that our body produces. Hyaluronic acid adds volume to the facial tissue by stimulating the production of connective tissues (collagen). When you get older, your levels of hyaluronic acid drop, leading to less collagen and therefore sagging and wrinkling skin.

When you decide to undergo the derma filler procedure with Juvederm, a pen marks the areas that will be treated. The procedure takes between 15 and 60 minutes, depending on what is being treated. A fine needle is used for the injections. The area will be gently massaged after each injection to ensure the even distribution of the product while reducing swelling.

To help reduce any potential pain, Juvederm injections contain a small amount of lidocaine which minimizes local discomfort.

What to expect after Juvederm®

Your healthcare provider should advise you to avoid strenuous activity for at least the next 24 hours. You’ll also want to avoid wearing makeup and avoid sun exposure until one full day has passed. Patients should also avoid any alcohol for at least 24 hours. Remember, giving any medical procedure more time to recover when possible is always smart.

You will likely notice some swelling following the procedure, after which you’ll see results that can last anywhere from six months to two years, depending on your procedure of choice.

Juvederm Risks And Side Effects

Swelling and bruising are the most common side effects. However, there are some other symptoms you’ll watch to pay attention to.

Minor Side Effects

  • redness
  • tenderness
  • lumps or bumps
  • minor pain
  • itching
  • All of these side effects usually subside within two to four weeks.

Higher Risk Side Effects

Some potentially more serious side effects can occur from Juvederm injections. Remember that many of these side effects are associated with improper procedure handling by healthcare professionals. Additional complications can include permanent scarring, vision abnormalities, blindness, or stroke.

As with any procedure, I highly recommend reading all of the product’s safety warnings and considerations on the official Juvederm website.

About Dr. Joseph Franzese

I work and live in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area. In recent years I’ve been focused on studying how men’s and women’s health can help patients live their best lives. The more I have studied testosterone and hormone replacement therapies, fat reduction technologies (such as EmSculpt and CoolSculpting Elite), and even traumatic brain injury, the more I’ve become obsessed with helping everyone treat their whole body and not just a single symptom.

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